Dock Equipment

Steel Hinged Doors, Fire exits & Fire doors.

Dock housing

Foam Pad Shelters are a cost effective solution to sealing the rear of a vehicle to the loading bay and are particularly suitable for docking systems. Retractable Shelters are hardwearing and versatile shelters and are particularly suitable for docking systems where the fleet of vehicles are of differing heights and widths. Rigid Dock Shelters are the most popular solution for energy conscious operators. The vehicle reverses into the rigid shelter which then efficiently seals the loading area off by way of flexible side and top curtains

Dock levellers

Custom-made Dock Levellers, upgrading obsolete and inefficient dock loading installations to more modern functional demands have in the past been difficult. However, with the advent of newer technology and improved design, it has become easier to upgrade and modernise these systems. One of the most popular solutions for this is the Telescopic lip dock leveller. This is a universal and more flexible docking system that can be easily integrated into a wide range of applications.

Custom-made dock levellers are designed to improve efficiency, safety, and flexibility, and they can be used to upgrade and modernise existing loading docks. The Telescopic lip dock leveller is a universal and more flexible docking system that can be easily integrated into a wide range of applications by allowing the lip to extend and retract depending on the height of the loading dock and the trailer. Another popular solution is the swing lip dock leveller which is simple to operate and typically used in situations where the loading dock and trailer are at similar heights. In cases where space is an issue or you need a dock leveller to replace your existing machine without the need to extract it, the Edge of Dock Leveller is the perfect solution, this type of dock leveller is designed to be mounted on the edge of the loading dock, and it can be easily integrated into existing systems.

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